[plug] DNS name

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Sun Jul 26 23:02:42 WST 1998

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Shackleton, Kevin wrote:

the DNS has to be TOLD about the Linux boxes by updating its zone files.

Presumably the person who set it up knows how.

> I have a small problem I haven't figured out, on RH5.0 PCs.
> I have 2 of these on this LAN, which is a subnet of a statewide network.
> Both use the same name server, which is on another subnet.  Both can
> ping machines by name machines on the name server's subnet, but neither
> can ping the other by name on this LAN.  I don't know of any unix
> machines on any other subnet to try out - there are routers and things
> but they're not named AFAIK.
> It appears that the name server is not learning of the names of the
> Linux machines.
> When I use tcpdump to track messages, a ping to the other machine
> produces the request "who has <gateway ip number>".  To me it suggests
> the machine is thinking that the gateway configuration is being treated
> as a string.  netstat -r though shows the destination "default" to have
> the correct gateway.
> Any brilliant ideas?
> K.

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