[plug] New PC for linux

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Mon Jul 27 09:00:51 WST 1998

The Thought Assassin wrote:
> > > know but we found out the modem is a "Web Excel 56K Internal Modem" modem.
> > It will work, but I dont recommend it. Web excel suck :)
> > 33.6 web excels are umm ok, but the 56k models have given us soo many
> > problems. Go for a 'name' brand such as
> > banksia/netcomm/simplemodem/usrobotics
> I second that, excepting that I have had more problems with Banksias than
> any other modem.

Odd, that. Amisoft had a few clients whose various modems (Banksia,
Maestro, others) which would talk to anything else except their
Netcomms, and the problem got worse with newer firmware in the Netcomms.
Smileys have LightSpeed, which I have heard panned by several people but
never had a problem with (except when the boss there plugs a 12VAC power
supply into their 9VDC socket...).

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