[plug] DNS name

Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Mon Jul 27 09:16:57 WST 1998

>The Linux machines here are "unofficial", so I can't request that they
>are added to the zone files.
>Is there another solution - like running named locally?  That is, if I
>run named locally, will DNS searches proceed from my named to the other?

You will have to use /etc/hosts with at least the machines not in DNS in it.
Make sure that your search order is files first then others.
The /etc/nsswitch.conf has an entry for search order and /etc/host.conf also.
See the man pages. You should still be able to use DNS for hosts that do not 
appear in the hosts file.

Why two files you say?
Yes, a good question. I can't give a good answer yet, but different libraries 
use different config files. The gethostbyname uses the host.config. If you are 
using NIS then nsswitch.conf should be used??


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