[plug] [Fwd: DR-Webspyder]

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Mon Jul 27 09:50:01 WST 1998

Jeff Clawson wrote:
> This porting process should be undertaken by us very shortly.  Thanks for the interest.
> Jeff Clawson
> Inside Account Manager
> Tel:  (801) 765-4999 x243
> Fax:  (801) 765-4463
> jeffc at caldera.com
> Caldera, Inc.
> 240 West Center Street
> Orem, UT  84057
> www.caldera.com

Yo! A use for all those old 1MB SIMMS! Dr-WebSpyder is a browser which
runs in 4MB under DR-DOS (their demo boots and runs from one floppy,
just like QNX's), so I guess 8MB would be plenty under Linux+SVGAlib or
similar. And think of all those old 486 motherboard with 8x30-pin SIMM
slots on them...

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