[plug] up time

Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Mon Jul 27 15:26:18 WST 1998

Greg wrote this

>On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Leon Brooks wrote:
>> Smileys's proxy (BSDI) has been up over 50 days, last down was a power
>> outage. 
>Oh woe, oh woe, you had to remind me, didn't you?
>2 days ago our UPS started acting strangely (we decided to test it, and
>although it worked, the battery never got recharged again afterwards) so
>we had to replace it.
>The uptime was 92 days (last reboot was for the nestea patch), _so_ close
>to the century... Oh well, I'll just repeat my mantra a few more times.

I can't resist.
Just before I left Mt Isa I looked at how long our Linux boxen had been up.
Both had been rebooted 'recently' for kernel update.
Both showed over 190 days (193 I think).

Ian Kent

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