[plug] Last night's meeting

Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Tue Jul 28 09:43:35 WST 1998

:> From:          spice at q-net.net.au (Gary Allpike)
:> Did the debian CD's make it to the meeting OK ?
:From memory last night I burnt:
:2x Debian 2.0 binary disks
:2x "Stuff" disks
:2x RedHat 5.1

Thanks David. I was glad to finally get Redhat 5.1 and to have the updates is a 
big bonus.

Having StarOffice on CD will save me an enormous amount of time, since I was 
going to copy it to DISKETTES!!!

Finally KDE. I am looking forward to checking it out, and have been for a while 

:The "Stuff" CD consists of:
:a) Debian contrib
:b) KDE
:c) RedHat 5.1 updates
:d) SO4 (you can figure this TLA out for yourself)
snip ...

:IMHO a rather poor showing last night, I seemed to be the only one trying 
:to solve problems (now how do I jumper this CD-ROM drive for master...)

Yes, but a much better showing than last time.

snip ...

Ian Kent

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