[plug] Query about Apache

Damion Hill dhill at wantree.com.au
Tue Jul 28 18:54:01 WST 1998

G'day All,

As a Linux newbie I'm experiencing the (hopefully) normally 
amounts of frustration and desperation with configuring things.

I was happily running my RedHat4.2 box with Apache not 
hicupping in the slightest and then, ignoring the old adage "If it ain't 
broke..." I went and trashed the HD and installed RH5.1.

Installation went very nicely indeed, I had all my shared directories 
back and everything was sweet. That was until I tried to access my 
web site. Everything was OK when hitting the main site but if you 
tried to hit a users site (http://site/~user/) it returned a message 
saying I was forbidden to access that url.

I have set the servername directive so that it sends an auto-redirect 
if you forget the trailing slash and the directive telling httpd who (or 
what) to run as is the same as it was in my RH4.2 config. In fact, 
the httpd.conf file looks almost identical.

I can't find anything in the access.conf file that would lock me out 
and the apache web site doesn't list this problem in the FAQ.

Anyone got any ideas what I'm missing?


Damion Hill
dhill at wantree.com.au

Life is sexually transmitted.

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