[plug] Query about Apache

Tony Clark tony at ballist.net.au
Tue Jul 28 19:27:07 WST 1998

Check the permissions on the user home directories...Pretty sure this
changed in rh5+

At 18:54 28/07/98 +0800, you wrote:
>G'day All,
>As a Linux newbie I'm experiencing the (hopefully) normally 
>amounts of frustration and desperation with configuring things.
>I was happily running my RedHat4.2 box with Apache not 
>hicupping in the slightest and then, ignoring the old adage "If it ain't 
>broke..." I went and trashed the HD and installed RH5.1.
>Installation went very nicely indeed, I had all my shared directories 
>back and everything was sweet. That was until I tried to access my 
>web site. Everything was OK when hitting the main site but if you 
>tried to hit a users site (http://site/~user/) it returned a message 
>saying I was forbidden to access that url.
>I have set the servername directive so that it sends an auto-redirect 
>if you forget the trailing slash and the directive telling httpd who (or 
>what) to run as is the same as it was in my RH4.2 config. In fact, 
>the httpd.conf file looks almost identical.
>I can't find anything in the access.conf file that would lock me out 
>and the apache web site doesn't list this problem in the FAQ.
>Anyone got any ideas what I'm missing?
>Damion Hill
>dhill at wantree.com.au
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