[plug] Ethernet

Echo Labs echo at opera.iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 29 11:52:36 WST 1998


Try the Black Box Catalog.  Ring 1800 335 525 and ask for one.  It
has a lot of the info you are looking for. They also have a web
site at http://www.blackbox.com.au.  Their support staff have
always been helpful when I have called.

CHeers, Ralph.

> Can some knowledgeable person direct to a document that talks about LAN
> cabling for a 10Mb/s ethernet LAN.
> My daughter's primary school has a computer lab (currently not LAN'd)
> that they wish to connect the Internet.
> I need to do a big run from one building to another (Computer Lab to
> Library) which is 100m+ and several multi-metre runs within the library.
> I envisage running coax between building and cat5 within. I need to know
> critical lengths of cable. Max bus length etc.

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