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Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Wed Jul 29 15:37:06 WST 1998

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>I need to do a big run from one building to another (Computer Lab to
>Library) which is 100m+ and several multi-metre runs within the library.

You should get some sort of spike arrestor. Thunder storms might like a 100m 
aerial. I have never been able to get an arrestor working myself, but have 
managed to take out a SparcStation2 with an 80m run.

>I envisage running coax between building and cat5 within. I need to know
>critical lengths of cable. Max bus length etc.

Coax is 180m.
Can't remember the max. number of repeaters. You shouldn't have any trouble with 
three though.
As mentioned previously Blackbox sales should be able to help.

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Ian Kent

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