[plug] Need for another PLUG mailing list?

chris mcdonald chris at bison.cs.uwa.oz.au
Thu Jul 30 08:06:37 WST 1998

[not meaning to be a sour puss, and not a comment on Leon this time!]

Would it be possible (Ian?) to run two PLUG mailing lists, say:

	(plug + plug-problems)
or	(plug + plug-announce)

where one list if for general announcements about meetings, S/W offers,
etc, and the other for people wishing to discuss their technical problems,
solutions and experiences.  I want to emphasize that the mailing list is
currently doing a great job, and successfully involving many people, but
as I have 300 other disk drives to worry about, I don't want to miss any
talk/meeting announcements by just tossing away articles about disk failures
(subtle admin. joke there!).

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