[plug] Hard Drive Woes

skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Thu Jul 30 10:27:30 WST 1998

On 29-Jul-98 Tamara Thompson wrote:
> The jumpers are a good thing to check.  Um, funny enough, last time I saw
> horrible harddrive errors my local linux guru *insisted* the drive was
> going
> bad.  I refused to accept his prognosis, and when we were looking things
> over
> in the case, we found the cable wasn't connected solidly.  No more errors
> since
> then. 

I'm wondering if a problem that I'm experiencing is somehow related to this. 
I'm in the process of transferring the files on my Slackware-based disk to my
 new Redhat hdd.  I've set up the two ide disks on the same chain (master -
slackware for now, and slave - redhat until it's ready).  The testing for
peripherals that occurs after the memory test takes about twice as long (is
this normal for two disks?) but the boot to slackware works as per normal. 
Now I use X (KDE) but trying to startx either results in X crashing or
results in a VERY slow machine and the mouse not working.  Could this somehow
be an IRQ clash between the second disk and the mouse?  I've checked cabling,
the bios has been changed as required but the problem remains.  Any ideas?

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