[plug] Crashed linux box

Damion Hill dhill at wantree.com.au
Fri Jul 31 23:44:19 WST 1998

> > Oh, doesn anyone know what would create the mars_nwe.log file?
> Plastic netware: provides file & print services to netware clients.
> Most sane people use plastic Lanmanager (Samba).

Running 'plastic netware' wasn't a conscious decision. My box has 
been up and down like a yoyo as I tried switching between 
Redhat4.2 and 5.1, changing partitions and trying different 
configurations for some of the services. This netware business got 
itself installed through my slackness. That particular install was 
only on there so I could compare a few files. Rather than choose 
individual packages, I was an induhvidual and told the install to do 

My fault and one definately learnt from.

I've now got the box running nicely. The kernal is probably still a 
little chunky but it'll do for now. I've managed to get Apache going 
almost as well as I'd like and I'm sharing drive space with Win95 

The problem I'm still having with Apache is when I choose to dl a 
file using http transfer, unless I hold the shift key while clicking the 
link it display's the files contents. The previous config of Apache I 
was running served the file up nicely. Where do I look to solve this 


Damion Hill
dhill at wantree.com.au

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