plug RedHat 5.1

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Thu May 28 20:27:50 WST 1998

what version would you do, and where do you live? Thanks
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Date: Thursday, 28 May 1998 6:57
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> > I recommend that you download from a mirror as the site is
> > dead..
> > Australian mirrors include:
> > /pub/linux/distributions/redhat/
> > /pub/unix/linux/redhat
> > /pub/linux/redhat
> > /pub/linux/redhat
> I can probably find the diskspace for it... let us know when there's a
> local copy.

If someone can find me a mirror program which has a limit on the amount of 
data it will download in a single session (decent link at the office - 
just don't want to do 500+MB in a single evening, 200MB over a couple of 
days would be reasonable).

Currently I have a stack of blank CD-Rs and could cut a few copies for 
around $5 each ($3.50 for the disk, $1.50 for my time).

David Campbell
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