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Terry Porter tp at gronk.apana.org.au
Tue Oct 6 10:47:22 WST 1998

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, David J Dartnall wrote:

> Maybe someone can help with a few printer queries?
> I have a Brother HJ-400 bubblejet printer which is Epson ESC/P2
> compatible according to the Brother manual. The S.u.S.E 5.3 manual
> claims ghostscript compatibility with this but yast doesn't offer this
> filter (epscp2) in it's list of available filters. As I write this tho,
> I notice that Gs version 4.03 is mentioned in the SuSE (that's easier to
> type) manual, I'll have to get out of this editor & go back into Linux &
> check the version of GS I have....Yes, that's the version alright.
> cat <ascii text file> > lp0 works ok so the computer knows where the
> printer is, but when I try to find epscp2 under yast it tells me that Gs
> doesn't support it...
> I've tried the other Epson offerings without success (eps9high, eps9mid,
> epson and epsonc). So where does one go from here?
> Printing under Linux must be a difficult subject. Neither O'Reilly's
> 'Running Linux' nor InfoMagic's 'Linux installation & getting started
> guide' has anything at all to say about printing!
> Dave Dartnall.
Ghostscript is made by Alladin, who only release old versions for free,
such as the ver you have from Suse. For non-commercial use you may d/l the
latest version inc the ESC/P2 driver from Alladin's web site.
If you do this, you'll need to compile it. I have emailed you the Usenet
article I used to do this successfully for my Epson Stylus.

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