[plug] S.u.S.E Linux

David J Dartnall darts at perth.dialix.oz.au
Mon Oct 5 21:50:27 WST 1998

Maybe someone can help with a few printer queries?
I have a Brother HJ-400 bubblejet printer which is Epson ESC/P2
compatible according to the Brother manual. The S.u.S.E 5.3 manual
claims ghostscript compatibility with this but yast doesn't offer this
filter (epscp2) in it's list of available filters. As I write this tho,
I notice that Gs version 4.03 is mentioned in the SuSE (that's easier to
type) manual, I'll have to get out of this editor & go back into Linux &
check the version of GS I have....Yes, that's the version alright.
cat <ascii text file> > lp0 works ok so the computer knows where the
printer is, but when I try to find epscp2 under yast it tells me that Gs
doesn't support it...
I've tried the other Epson offerings without success (eps9high, eps9mid,
epson and epsonc). So where does one go from here?
Printing under Linux must be a difficult subject. Neither O'Reilly's
'Running Linux' nor InfoMagic's 'Linux installation & getting started
guide' has anything at all to say about printing!

Dave Dartnall.

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