[plug] SCSI Card problems

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Fri Oct 9 11:40:07 WST 1998

Sounds like the card's stuffed doesn't it.  I suppose it does work under
Windows?  I use a real 1542.  I don't suppose the card's CMOS settings
are the problem?  You know - on the 1542 you type a Ctrl-A and go
through a list of stuff.

BTW, I ran a prog a while ago (hdtrans?) that told me I was getting only
1 MB/sec with the 1542 (in a P75) with a new drive.  This was a fair bit
less than IDE, but the card won't work if you try to crank up over 5
MB/sec raw rate.  So you couldn't say SCSI is a bargain speed-wise.


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> I have been running Red Hat 2.0.35 with an Adaptec 1542-CP SCSI
> controller card in a linux box and have had reason to use the card in
> another computer. I have replaced it with a TekRam 800B SCSI
> controller which TekRam tells me is meant to be Adaptec 1542
> compatible, and I figured that because of this, I could just place it
> into the computer and away it would go.
> I'm getting SCSI controller timeout errors, etc. I have made sure that
> the Base I/O, IRQ and DMA settings are identical on each card.
> I then booted from the Red Hat boot disk and said "Yes" to the
> computer having a SCSI controller card. When I choose "Adaptec 1542",
> the computer says "Scanning SCSI bus" and appears to hang. I repeated
> the process and gave some values, instead of letting Red Hat use it's
> AutoProbe feature. Still I have no joy.
> Has anyone seen this sort of problem before? If so, what should I be
> doing?
> Any help will be greatly appreciated,
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