[plug] Oracle 8 - _how_ big?

Kent Ian Ian.Kent at fujitsu.com.au
Fri Oct 9 11:12:15 WST 1998

>I'm not able to install it at present as I don't have enough RAM yet but the
>documentation says you need 600Mb + whatever size you DB will be. RAM needs
>48Mb minimum, kernal 2.0.34 and GNU C Lib 2.0.7 (althought there is another
>note somewhere to say 2.0.6 will be OK.

We should be able to configure it to use less RAM as long as the install lets 
you through. Oracle installer usually lets you decide if you want to continue.

450-600MB is normal for Oracle app.

>I've only got 32Mb at present and not enough disk space so can't tell you
>what real figures will be, I have to rely on the docs.

RAM availability will affect performance, but should not impact operation.

>Kevin Shakleton has expressed an interest in getting a copy of the CD but I
>don't have access to a CD-R. Anyone in PLUG who would be happy to burn this
>for him and anyone else who wants it?

I would like one to.

Ian Kent

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