[plug] ftp install of redhat 5.0

John Breen wombat at mad.scientist.com
Wed Oct 14 11:28:23 WST 1998

I actually more or less did that, after a long e-mail discussion with a
RH user down here (my ISP) who's got the same card.  Turns out there was
something at 0x250 conflicting with the card, so I moved it up to
0x260-7f and it goes OK now.

I did a jumperless config under DOS then jumpered the card to the
settings so it worked.

Now to get my windows 95-based ftp server to talk to the linux box
properly.  And to see about getting RH 5.1

Someone mentioned something about a SMB install, which would be good, do
you know anything about that?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave... :)

Thanks for your input.


John Breen

Leon Brooks wrote:
> John Breen wrote:
> > I want to do an ftp install of redhat 5.0 but it won't use my network
> > card.  It's a genius GE2000III ethernet card which is based on the
> > Realtek RTL8019 chipset.
> Being 8019-based, there's a good chance it'll emulate an NE-2000. If it
> has jumpers, set them for IO=0x300, IRQ=10, NOT-PLUG-AND-PLAY and see
> how you go with the NE-2000 driver. Some of those cards have a DOS
> utility which will set these addresses in the card's firmware. Even if
> you can't configure it, try the NE-2000 driver anyway; you may get
> lucky.

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