[plug] redhat support ???

Damion Hill dhill at wantree.com.au
Wed Oct 14 22:25:42 WST 1998

> well I tried logging into the www.redhat.com URL
> I got the glint update bit when I tried downloading it said
> user: anonymous
> access denied
> so it looks as though they only support users who buy the official
> version of the redhat and apply for membership

John, I think you'll find that that server is pretty busy. I get knocked 
back when I try to hit it too occasionally. I'm not a 'registered' user 
yet I can get things from the site.

You can always try the Aarnet RedHat mirror. It's usually quicker 


I'm sure others will be able to suggest different mirror sites.

Damion Hill
dhill at wantree.com.au

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