[plug] name of the web-browser file in KDE???

Christian cpayne at q-net.net.au
Fri Oct 9 15:50:20 WST 1998

It's called kfm (KDE File Manager) and it will magically turn into a web
browser if you enter a URL etc.  It's reasonably fully featured and quick
but you'll probably want to use Netscape for any serious browsing.

Note, you may need to set the appropriate proxies under the Options menu
if your ISP firewalls HTTP and doesn't use transparent proxying.

On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, jon kitchin wrote:

> I recently bought the linux-Mandrake cdrom from lsl in Melbourne
> I have got the script fot dialing my iSP going but it appears I
> need to tell it what file to run after the ppp is started
> it does have a web-browser built in doesn't it??
> jonathan kitchin
> jon at barney.webace.com.au
> Mandrake consists of KDE running in the redhat 5.1 so
> you will have less problems as it is already installed
> jk

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