[plug] multi-file find & replace

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Sat Oct 24 20:19:44 WST 1998

I've taken up Greg Gamble & Greg Mildenhall's suggestion to alter the
srm.conf.  It was located at /etc/httpd/conf/srm.conf.  Web clients can
find index.htm now, when they call the site.

But when you click a URL to another file, Netscape launches the file in
source view (which is what the original problem was).  If I alter the
file name to .html and change the URL appropriately it works properly.

Sounds like a Netscape config problem doesn't it.  The application list
has "HTML HTM" as "handled by netscape (internal)" and I can't see any
other instances of "HTM".  It also occurs on two different clients, one
on V3 the other on V4.

Another issue is Frontpage extensions.  This is supposed to allow Apache
to handle "bots", one of which is the means of assigning URLs to
polygons on a graphic.  I wonder if the Frontpage extensions will fix
the htm/html thing too?


> ----------
> From: 	Greg Mildenhall[SMTP:greg at networx.net.au]
> srm.conf, under the option name of DirectoryIndex.
	Add "index.htm" after where it says "index.html" (seperated by a
> space)
> Then restart apache (kill -HUP it), and it should serve the .htm file
> as
> the directory's index.
> -Greg 

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