[plug] multi-file find & replace

Greg Mildenhall greg at networx.net.au
Sat Oct 24 22:44:38 WST 1998

On Sat, 24 Oct 1998, Shackleton, Kevin wrote:
> But when you click a URL to another file, Netscape launches the file in
> source view (which is what the original problem was).  
> If I alter the file name to .html and change the URL appropriately it 
> works properly.
"Source View"? Do you mean that it displays the raw HTML where you would
expect the rendered version? That might indicate confusion over filetype.

> Sounds like a Netscape config problem doesn't it.  The application list
> has "HTML HTM" as "handled by netscape (internal)"
Then that is unlikely to be the problem. It is almost certainly that
apache is not sending the correct MIME type.
Text/plain is the default filetype, so if apache does not treat .htm as an
HTML file, then that is the header it will send. If you:B

telnet hostname 80
GET /wherever/whatever.htm HTTP 1.0<ENTER><ENTER>

The first line sent back should be the Content/Type declaration.
You'd like it to be HTML, but it sounds like it is text.
You can change the MIME types in either /etc/mime.types
(Though if /etc/apache/mime.types or suchlike exists, then it likely
overrides /etc/mime.types)

> Another issue is Frontpage extensions.  This is supposed to allow Apache
> to handle "bots", one of which is the means of assigning URLs to
> polygons on a graphic.  
10 to 1 there's a security hole in that 'bot' that will allow anyone
with a browser to gain access to the system as whatever user the webserver
is running as.

> I wonder if the Frontpage extensions will fix the htm/html thing too?
Unlikely - unless it edits your mime.types, which is altogether possible,
but undesirable.
AFAIK, the so-called extensions are comprised of a daemon which frontpage
can connect to in order to upload pages using its standard protocol,
(well, not standard, but standard for frontpage) and some CGI binaries
that frontpage knows how to use. I'm unconvinced of the merits of either
of these - the former because frontpage could easily be programmed to
behave like any other web-editor, and the latter because running CGIs to
which you do not have the source code is a patently stupid thing to do if 
security is of any importance to you.

-Greg Mildenhall

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