[plug] New network card

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Sat Oct 31 10:06:14 WST 1998

I've just replaced an ISA NE2000 clone card in my PC with a PCI card - a
Realtek 8029 (also an NE2000 clone), which was lying around on a shelf.
I don't seem to be able to disable PnP in this card with jumpers or by
using the DOS setup utility.  It starts up in Windows at IRQ 9 and I/O
D000, whereas the ISA card was 10/300.

When I start up in Linux I get the messages:
Oct 31 16:50:10 kilaleshwa kernel: loading device 'eth0'...
Oct 31 16:50:10 kilaleshwa kernel: ne.c: No NE*000 card found at i/o =
Oct 31 16:50:10 kilaleshwa insmod: /lib/modules/2.0.32/net/ne.o:
init_module: Device or resource busy

There are a number of things I'd like to find out:
 - what's the syntax to grep all files including in subdirs for "0x300"
(it's not in lilo.conf).
 - given that I find the I/O entry somewhere and remove it, I hope the
startup process will automatically find the card at 9/D000.
 - if it won't start up, how does one install a completely new card
without going through the full install again (RH5.0) which may result in
my disk being reformatted.

Incidentally, the Realtek came with a floppy with a Linux directory,
with a tar file.  Unfortunately no instructions.  The site
(www.realtek.com.tw) has a self-extracting archive that has the same
file with instructions on building a new kernel.  I was hoping not to
have to go that far, but . . .


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