[plug] FW: New network card - update

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Sat Oct 31 18:05:55 WST 1998

Got it:
1) to search lots of files:
	find . | xargs grep "0x300"

'find .' finds all files from this directory down all subdirs (should
really have '-type f')
xargs makes up command lines from stdin
grep found "0x300" in the file /etc/conf.modules.  Since I was looking
in rc.d and down I wasn't getting far!

'conf.modules' had an options line for the ne module.  I just slapped a
hash in front of the line.  Now the new card works.  At last.

p.s. anyone want to comment on the history and current applicability of
semicolons and hashes as comment markers?  Does each come from differnet


> ----------
> From: 	Shackleton, Kevin
> Sent: 	Saturday, 31 October 1998 9:55
> To: 	'plug at linux.org.au'
> Subject: 	New network card
> There are a number of things I'd like to find out:
>  - what's the syntax to grep all files including in subdirs for
> "0x300" (it's not in lilo.conf).
>  - given that I find the I/O entry somewhere and remove it, I hope the
> startup process will automatically find the card at 9/D000.
>  - if it won't start up, how does one install a completely new card
> without going through the full install again (RH5.0) which may result
> in my disk being reformatted.
> K.

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