[plug] Results from Samba and Masq

David Campbell campbell at torque.net
Fri Sep 4 07:54:36 WST 1998

> >I can only see one workgroup on the other sub-network, the same workgroup 
> >as my own.
> That's right. Samba (and NT Server) can only be Master Browser for the Domain or 
> Workgroup that they belong to.

Summary of what I have found:

Critical stuff
a)	Require one Master Brower for each Domain/Workgroup

b)	Require one WINS server per Domain/Workgroup,
	Preferably one WINS server per subnet per Domain/Workgroup

c)	Providing a SMB compliant machine registers with a WINS server for 	
	the Domain/Workgroup it belongs to then every WINS server for that
	Domain/Workgroup will "know" about that machine

d)	WINS servers will refuse connections from machines outside their
	Domain/Workgroup !!!

Summary: Although sepearate Domains/Workgroups can co-exist on the 
same wire, they will try to ignore each other (to the best of their ability).

I fell for the trap that a WINS server will collect information from all machines 
that contacts it. This does not happen (see point d)

Win95 Stuff (through a masq firewall)
a)	Name => IP num can be resolved from \windows\hosts.

b)	Providing you can reach a WINS server through the masq
	firewall then this can be used to resolve machine names.

c)	Browsing only shows machines on the local broadcast network.
	I had WINS proxy turned on but this did not seem to make much

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

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