[plug] Results from Samba and Masq

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Fri Sep 4 09:45:50 WST 1998

I don't think David Campbell is exactly right.

At the same time I'll have to admit I haven't got to the bottom of the
domain/workgroup issue.

In AgWA we have about 15 domains over the state, each with an NT PDC
(Primary Domain Controller).  All the sites are linked with 64 kbps
ISDN.  We have one WINS server, in Head Office.  Although NT allows for
a backup WINS server we don't have one.  The WINS server gathers names
from all domains through a mechanism in the PDCs with the result that I
can resolve names of PCs in Kununurra or Albany. (When the single WINS
server goes down all chaos breaks loose!).  We are specifically advised
in NT literature and in John Blair's Samba book to have only ONE WINS
server for the extended network.

Owing to the poor reliability of our NT PDC I have set up a Samba
"domain" (ie a workgroup with "domain master = yes") here, existing
alongside the NT domain (The NT domain is called "GRS", the Samba
workgroup is "CVN").  Our NT domain sees the Samba domain as a domain -
you see a "cluster" icon in the browser and you can see the members of
the domain.

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