[plug] IRC Programs

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Mon Sep 7 21:24:28 WST 1998

Nicholas Harris wrote:
> Ì was wonder what is a good program besides BitchX, I need one that has
> an Auto logging option,I currently use Zircon but everytime someone
> messages me i have to put logging on, Trying to get it similar to Mirc
> logging, (query log)

Actually, If you're an IRC user, perhaps you can help me. Do any of the
existing mIRC clones have the pull-down server lists that mIRC boasts?
You might want to search for "IRC" on http://freshmeat.net if you've
only tried a few; I vaguely recall dozens of IRC client announcements
(and I think a server or two) over the last few months.

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