[plug] Which log file?

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Wed Sep 9 22:17:30 WST 1998

Neil Hunt wrote:
> I set up my own log file, because the /var/log/messages wasn't
> comprehensive enough...

Yer a sucker fer punishment, aren't you? (-:

> > Which, if any, log file can i peruse to find out how many calls I have made
> > to the net, and where am i likely to find it. I am using Slackware.

Try counting lines in /etc/ppp/connect-errors if it exists. This snippet
obtained by "man chat". I just discovered (and am currently using) the
"call" option of pppd (man pppd) but haven't yet figured out how to hide
the usernmae/password at the ISP end from a user working through "pppd
call ispname".

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