[plug] mirrors

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Thu Sep 10 07:57:15 WST 1998

> > I remember some time ago someone was asking about what to mirror locally
> > here in Perth....how about a GNOME mirror - i cant find any right now :|
> Check http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/gnome/

I realise this, Just was hoping for a Perth mirror (ie. on WAIX or PIX or
PARNET) so it would be a free download :)
ah well...maybe I can mirror it over here for people who wanna grab it
through the peering point or PARNET.
(Unfortunately we cant get to aarnet stuff via the parnet connection <- if
we could then we would have the mirror.aarnet.edu.au to access, which
would be wonderful.
Cant see it happening tho.


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