[plug] mirrors

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Thu Sep 10 18:29:06 WST 1998

Ok im pretty much done :)
Below is a copy of what I've found on various WAIX and PIX peoples ftps,
yes this is a list of only FTP mirrors. not http - someone else can do
If I'm missing anything let me know and I'll pass it on to Kim Davies(@iinet)

Happy Downloading
(not all this is linux stuff, but most of it is :)

-Netway Internet

-----Directly Connected WAIX or PIX Participants--------

***ftp.linux.org.au*** (via q-net.net.au at PIX)
Debian                                          /pub/debian
KDE                                             /pub/kde
Linux Kernels                                   /pub/kernel


ftp.replay.com mirror                           /pub/ftp.replay.com
Java Devel Kit for linux                        /pub/JDK
Redhat 4.2                                      /pub/redhat-4.2
Redhat 5.0                                      /pub/redhat-5.0
Redhat 5.1                                      /pub/redhat-5.1
Redhat UPDATES                                  /pub/redhat-updates
Redhat CONTRIB                                  /pub/redhat-contrib

Apache                                          /mirrors/apache
KDE                                             /mirrors/kde
Linux apps and utils List                       /mirrors/linapps
FULL Redhat mirror                              /mirrors/redhat
Squid                                           /mirrors/squid
PKWare (unzip etc..)                            /mirrors/pkware
CPAN                                            /mirrors/cpan
PGP                                             /mirrors/pgp
Tucows                                          /tucows
GTInteractive                                   /mirrors/gtinteractive
GNOME                                           /mirrors3/gnome
Esperanto                                       /mirrors/esperanto
Mcafee Antivirus                                /mirrors/antivirus

Mozilla                                         /mozilla
Tucows                                          /tucows

Slackware-3.0					/pub/unix/linux/slackware3.0
Slackware-3.1					/pub/unix/linux/slackware3.1
Slackware-3.2					/pub/unix/linux/slackware3.2
RFCs                                            /pub/rfc


Linux Kernels                                   /mirrors/linux/Kernel
Debian                                          /mirrors/linux/debian

RFCs                                            /pub/rfc
VSTa                                            /pub/vsta

Netscape Corp.                                  /pub/internet/netscape

-------INDIRECTLY CONNECTED (thru another participant)--------------

Australian Debian mirror                        ftp.au.debian.org
OpenBSD                                         /mirrors/OpenBSD
FSF software (gnu stuff)                        /mirrors/gnu
Linux Kernels                                   /mirrors/linux/kernel
Wordperfect 7 for linux                         /mirrors/linux/corelwp
Staroffice (v3 and v4)                          /mirrors/linux/staroffice
Mozilla                                         /mirrors/mozilla

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