[plug] sendmail anti-relay help needed

Lindsay Allen allen at cbcfreo.wa.edu.au
Tue Sep 15 19:33:30 WST 1998

Hello John,

Thanks for the tip.

The story is that I got picked on by ORBS for running an open relay and
had to do something fairly fast.  I had been running 8.8.x and had just
upgraded to 8.9.1 to see if that helped.  What I had read in the docs
suggested that further editing was needed.

Now ORBS is off my back but my users cannot send mail.  Jeeeze!  The
sendmail web page says that "FEATURE(relay_entire_domain)" will fix it but
I cannot find how to actually implement it.

I tried editing sendmail.mc like this:


and then ran sendmailconfig.  No joy for some reason, though the
"FEATURE(accept_unqualified_senders) bit worked.

Can anyone help me here?

Lindsay Allen   <allen at cleo.murdoch.edu.au>  Perth, Western Australia
voice +61 8 9316 2486    32.0125S 115.8445E    vk6lj      Debian Linux

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