[plug] Linux Databases, ODBC & Web Front end

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Tue Sep 15 21:41:37 WST 1998

Peter Robinson wrote:
>> Do you need the Access front end, or could you use a browser
>> also for administration? If so, can the Access and run with a
>> smaller, cheaper, lighter and faster system.

> The Access front end isn't vital, but I'd prefer not to have
> the full editing capabilities available on the Internet/Intranet
> but rather prefer this one person to have the only access
> through a front end.

With Apache, just make the administrative pages available only on a
different port or IP, and block that.

> The Access won't slow tha actual DB doown as it just uses ODBC
> to update the DB.

It will slow the client machine down. And, being Microsoft, I'll bet it
makes two or three times as much net traffic as it needs to. (-:

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