[plug] Printing with samba

Hill, Damion Damion.Hill at health.wa.gov.au
Wed Sep 23 09:24:11 WST 1998

G'day All,

I've run in to a problem with printing from Win95 machines thru the linux
box. I rebuilt my system from the ground up on Monday and managed to have
all (5) Win95 machines printing thru the linux box using samba yesterday.
When I arrived at work this morning I was greeted with the news printing
wasn't working.

Before leaving yesterday I had done a recursive chmod on the home
directories. I have set the spool directory to be /home/samba/spool I know,
there are better places but... I have changed the permissions on spool to be
777 (again, probably better ways to do it) while /home and /home/samba are

I can connect to the printer and send the job. Windows sits there happily
not saying much until it quietly puts the printer offline in its own little
way. The data light doesn't begin to flash on the printer. I can still print
to the printer directly from a Win95 box so I kow that is up and working. I
have stopped and restarted samba several times but to no avail.

Does anyone have any words that might guide me?



Damion Hill

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