[plug] Problem with configuring network card.

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Sun Sep 27 23:16:06 WST 1998

Thanks to all the people that made suggestions regarding my network card problem, and I now realise that OpenLinux is probably not one of the most widely used Linux distributions out there!

At the same time that I bought OpenLinux, I also bought Red Hat; so after a few more hours of editing configuration files, I decided that I'd had enough of OpenLinux and it's network antics, and installed Red Hat.

How joyous it was to see a complete installation automatically detect all of my devices, and work first time! Needless to say, that it found my trusty network card, and I'm now shuffling files between both computers at home!

One thing that I might mention, are two books that I bought from Rellim Booksellers in Perth (Tel: 08 9321 5684) which have helped me through troubled waters over the past few days are ("Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours" [SAMS], ISBN:0672311623, AUS$34.95) and ("Running Linux" [Oreilly & Associates], 1565921518, AUS$59.95). These two books are possibly the best two sub-$100 book purchases that I have ever made. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating a Linux book purchase.

I'm interested to know how many people are on this mailing list. Anyone have any idea? Also, how many members does PLUG have, and how many people usually turn up to meetings? Is there an annual fee?


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