[plug] Adding PPP

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Mon Sep 28 17:52:18 WST 1998

I have bought a modem and an ISP account, to overcome problems getting
out through our firewall and because our Exchange server seems to be
down a lot lately (though not today!).  Must be because it's supporting
nearly 1000 users! Wow.

So now I need to set up on my Linux PC (RH5.0) the PPP protocol.  Also
I'd like to try out using the machine as a gateway. (To see how -
obviously this would circumvent our firewall if I left the eth0 line

Looking at adding PPP to the existing LAN configuration, I've run into
problems straight away - the file /etc/resolv.conf has the entries:
	search agric.wa.gov.au
	nameserver <our nameserver>
while the HOWTO says it should say:
	domain <isp domain>
	nameserver <isp nameserver>

Dos anyone know about setting up PPP without trashing eth0?  Also, when
using something like Netscape for mail, how do you specify the transport
protocol to use?


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