[plug] Adding PPP

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Tue Sep 29 08:17:31 WST 1998

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998, Shackleton, Kevin wrote:

> I have bought a modem and an ISP account, to overcome problems getting
> out through our firewall and because our Exchange server seems to be
> down a lot lately (though not today!).  Must be because it's supporting
> nearly 1000 users! Wow.
> So now I need to set up on my Linux PC (RH5.0) the PPP protocol.  Also
> I'd like to try out using the machine as a gateway. (To see how -
> obviously this would circumvent our firewall if I left the eth0 line
> connected).

If you have IP forwarding off (most surely done in the kernel config/build
process) you won't give access to others unless you configure/enable IP masq.

> Looking at adding PPP to the existing LAN configuration, I've run into
> problems straight away - the file /etc/resolv.conf has the entries:
> 	search agric.wa.gov.au
> 	nameserver <our nameserver>
> while the HOWTO says it should say:
> 	domain <isp domain>
> 	nameserver <isp nameserver>

If your existing DNS can resolve the outside world your existing settings
are fine.

> Dos anyone know about setting up PPP without trashing eth0?  Also, when
> using something like Netscape for mail, how do you specify the transport
> protocol to use?

Simplest way to enable PPP is to use the control-panel network config &
define the PPP interface. Enable it when you need.

You'll find some scripts in /etc/ppp - if you want to down etho and switch
DNS setting, you can use these to change your netowkr config when you go
online to the Internet and again when you go offline.

It would be prudent to run a script at reboot to ensure you're using the
right resolver against the chance someone my trip over your power plug when
you're online to the world.

Like that (paper mil?) business in Victoria that's running on their deisel
backup, you never know whan it will be needed. Twice in 18 years: I bet
they're happy chappies right now.

John Summerfield
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