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Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 1 17:42:00 WST 1999

Since a poll appears to have begun, as to what nights the meetings should
occur, I support the current system; alternating Monday and Tuesday nights.

That way, most should be able to make at least one of the two nights.

Mondays are better for me, but I will probably be able to make the
occasional Tuesday. Also, my boss(!) might be able to make it to another
Monday night, sometime.

Do Monday meetings occur on public holidays?

Perhaps, with the way things have happened at Fast Eddies, with some people
not paying for food, and Chris left with the bill, having all the meetings
at somewhere like the ITSSA thing would be better than having someone left
to pick up the tab for others, and useable facilities for demonstrations and
problem solving, may be better.

I think we need a reconnaissance patrol, to examine this ITSSA thing, and
clarify the conditions. Perhaps some of the guru's could give us an

Bret Busby
bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
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Trevor Phillips wrote:

> I'm still a newbie to this group; Any particular reason the Demos are on
> Monday, and Fast Eddy's is on Tuesday?? Would it not be better to have
> both on the same night of the week? (I vote for Tuesday!)

I agree. Will never make Mondays, but will hardly ever miss a Tuesday.

Alex Polglaze

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