[plug] Education for the masses

Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 1 23:36:57 WST 1999

My boss (!) has tonight suggested to me that, for full-time employed people,
the Sunday marathon type sessions would make the courses more accessible, as
they would not be losing work time to attend the courses.

Each of the courses could probably (?) be worked this way, with the Internet
Administration course possibly able to be run over three consecutive Sundays

Would the fees apply the same to all enrolled in the courses, or, would
full-time students get discounted rates?

Which distribution would the Linux Install Workshop involve? As a novice,
from what I understand, Red Hat is a relatively uncomplicated distribution
to install, whereas some of the other distributions, for example, Slackware,
involve getting the installer's hands dirty. By that, I don't mean that Red
Hat is "stick the disk in and press go" easy, but is supposedly more simple
than others.

Bret Busby
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Here is what I propose starting with:

Course                        Extent      Cost (BYOC)*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Intro to Linux                9 hours      $90
Intermediate Linux            9 hours     $120
Build Your Own Computer       4 hours      $80**
Linux Install Workshop        One Day      $90
Internet Administration       25 hours    $400
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
* Bring Your Own Computer (or rent one for, say $3/hour).
** Must either bring own computer or buy one to make. Who here wants to
sell hardware? (-:

This is your computer. This is how to login. This is how to start X.
This is how to dial your ISP. This is how to use common applications
(Netscape and a wordprocessor or two). This is how to manage files. And
so on. Run as either three consecutive morning sessions of 3 hours each
or a Sunday marathon.

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