[plug] CD Writer

Russell Kennedy bbk at wantree.com.au
Sat Apr 3 09:57:26 WST 1999

Daniel - Sony make a SCSI writer at a very good price, but it only writes at
2X.  there are a lot to choose from - if you'd like give me a call at the
office on Tuesday or later and I can give you some price details etc.

Regards Russell

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From: Daniel Pearson <abandoncity at geocities.com>
To: PLUG Mailing List <plug at linux.org.au>
Date: Friday, 2 April 1999 2:45
Subject: [plug] CD Writer

>HI Everybody,
>I need a bit of advice..
>I've saved up the money now, and I'm going to buy a CD Burner.
>Can someone please quote me on a SCSI 8x4 Burner, that is good quality and
>works with Windows 95?
>Any brand will do, but it has to be SCSI, a good price, and it had to come
>with the software, instructions, and the necessary things to install it in
>the machine.. :P

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