[plug] setting up redail rules

Kim Covil kimc at ned.dem.csiro.au
Thu Apr 8 16:33:25 WST 1999

> hi ... just a quick question...
> i am an internet user at iinet... and i want get as much use out of th
> system at all .. however, when i get kicked off after my my 2 allocated
> hours for the day i have to wait for about 5 / 10 mins before
> recconnecting... what would be the best way to implement this ? 
>  is there a dialer program that will allow me to set this, or is it better
> to set up a "getty" to do this...
> any help would be greatly appreciated....

I use straight pppd for this... in the options file I set the demand, 
persist, idle and holdoff options... man pppd for what they mean exactly
but basically:
	demand = connect whenever required to route a packet
	persist = reconnect after getting disconnected
	idle = disconnect if idle for x secs
	holdoff = wait x secs before trying to reconnect after being 

With this I use a chat script to login and start ppp and a wrapper 
around the script to keep retrying if I get a busy signal (otherwise a 
busy signal is treated as a disconnect and it will wait 15 mins before 

I use this to keep my machine up as close to 24h as possible...



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