[plug] setting up redail rules

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Thu Apr 8 17:34:38 WST 1999

How do you get diald to not re-dial for 10 mins. The timeout setting only
hold on busy etc - not a disconnect by the ISP.

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On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Mark Vandenbos wrote:

> i am an internet user at iinet... and i want get as much use out of th
> system at all ..

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> however, when i get kicked off after my my 2 allocated
> hours for the day i have to wait for about 5 / 10 mins before
> recconnecting... what would be the best way to implement this ?

You mean 'defeat'?  :)

>  is there a dialer program that will allow me to set this, or is it better
> to set up a "getty" to do this...

For an auto-reconnet, checkout 'diald'. 'getty' is for incoming


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