[plug] AAPT 'net access and Linux

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Fri Apr 9 17:07:57 WST 1999

At 2.5 c/min, the AAPT accounts looked like a good "second account",
but their sales droids know nothing abouts windoze, let alone Linux.
  However, once I got to speak to tech support, I was very impressed.
These guys are at connect.com, which was bought by AAPT, and now sell
services under both names.
  The connect.net.au web site has info and sample scripts for Linux.

There is no monthly fee, but the catch is you need to subscribe to AAPT
for long distance calls. Even at peak times it is fast, but you might hit
busy tones for a while.

  Anyway, despite what their sales people might say, Linux is supported,
if unofficially.

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