[plug] X - when 'alt' stops working

Damion Hill dhill at wantree.com.au
Sat Apr 10 10:25:53 WST 1999

Greg Mildenhall wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Damion Hill wrote:
> > I use ctrl-Alt-F7 to return the GUI.
> So do I, though Alt-F7 is enough.
Fair cop. I tend to use the ctrl key because I have to use it to get out
of X so it's a consistency thing.
> > I suspect this is an X thing rather than a particular window manager.
> Neither, it's a distro thing. As a rule, X pops up on the lowest available
> virtual console. You and I have 6 gettys running on ttys 1 thru 6, so X
> plonks itself on console #7, unless we tell it to do otherwise.
> Tamara might have a different setup, but then again she might not.
> Alt-Arrow will scroll between all of your VCs, so this is usually the best
> way to find your X console when it's gone missing.
*blink* OK, the light has come on :) Thanks for explaning that one Greg.
Didn't know about Alt-arrow. V. handy.


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