[plug] apt-get segfaulting

Christian christian at global.net.au
Sun Apr 11 18:50:38 WST 1999

Peter Caffin wrote:

> Stuff that, I'll just ignore the engine and its natty frames and odd
> "features", and use Altavista which generally finds the page I'm after
> with a couple of standard search terms ;).

The Debian search engine page doesn't use frames...

> > I totally agree, Greg.  Once you get used to it the Debian package
> > management system is quite superb and the web pages very useful.
> And again, I would also agree that the package management system is
> great (which I've already mentioned).

I was sort of including the web page as part of the package management
system - it is, after all, one of the main ways you can access
information regarding the available packages.

> But their search page is not (for me) worth my time. Altavista is more
> efficient at finding me the pages I want at www.debian.org than
> www.debian.org's search script. I'm surprised it's a controversial
> viewpoint.

I would imagine that it can't possibly be more efficient - especially
since you're depending on AltaVista keeping up to date with the contents
of the Debian site.  But whatever makes you happy. :)



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