Rampant Search Page Confusion (was: [plug] apt-get segfaulting)

Greg Mildenhall greg at networx.net.au
Mon Apr 12 07:59:18 WST 1999

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Peter Caffin wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Christian wrote:
> > Peter Caffin wrote:
> > > http://insite.verisim.com/search/debian/simple, *that* is the
> > > search script linked to http://www.debian.org's front page. Is there
> > > another one buried somewhere else?
> > I tried going to the link you gave me but I get a DNS lookup failure.
> Have a look at http://www.debian.org/ though for that link on the word
> `Search` though.
Yep, DNS failures following that link, too. (well, it's the same URL :)

> Why it was linked to the main page when (apparently) there's a much better
> one elsewhere on site... 
The much better one _only_ covers the package info pages, and can only be
searched by package titles and the words in the package descriptions.
IMO, it's perfect for the job it does, but I can see that some people
would like to search the whole site - though perhaps they're better off
using altavista.

It makes sense to me that if you want to search everything you hit
"Search", but if you want to find a package you hit "Packages" and then
use the search function.

> > There's one sneakily buried under "Debian packages".
> > Try it. :)
> On the condition that you guys try the other one *evil-grin*. I want you
> guys to know why I've been ranting ;).

Yes, I prefer Altavista to a DNS failure message, too. I'm sure that, as
you say, that's not a particularly controversial viewpoint.


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