[plug] SuSE is the best

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Mon Apr 12 21:19:05 WST 1999

Since they are both produced in Germany and both products are the best
selling products in their respective catergories it is no wonder that they
both intergrate together so well.

On another topic will the illustrous prez be standing out the front of Fast
Eddies tommorrow nite or will I have to shout out Red Hat Rulez or Linux is
cool to be recognized by the mob of pluggers ?

Due to school holidays I can finally make it to a metting !!!!

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> Well, I'm now convinced. SuSE is the best.
> I have just installed StarOffice 5.0, straight of the distribution disk.
> Yes, it comes on one of the 5 disks that come with SuSE.
> I can't comment on the quality of StarOffice, but it seems ok, for a
> first look.
> I had tried to instal it previously, of a disk that came with PC Plus,
> but without success. SuSE has a thing called YAST, (Yet Another Setup
> Tool), which handled the instalation with great aplomb.
> I am happy.

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