[plug] Fwd: [SLUG] Lucky 13 for Linux

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Apr 13 08:51:45 WST 1999

Greg Mildenhall wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Trevor Phillips wrote:
> > Most of my code is web-server based, and so lots of people see it,
> > without knowing what's actually happening under the bonnet.
> But of course more could/would see it/appreciate it if you shared.

That's part of the problem; from the outside it looks like a fairly
decent web page, but I know what wizardry is going on underneath. Trying
to explain it to your average person (and even your above-average
web-smart person) is difficult. ^_^

> Sorry, it's only happening for a very lucky few at the moment, but the
> momentum is there. You could work for Redhat, IBM, Netscape, or some other
> company creating free software, but those jobs are not yet plentiful

But do they get paid for free software? Netscape's income is from the
sale of their server products, which are not free. Their browser is
free, primarily because Microsoft have a free one, so they had to match
to keep in the ball-park. And if you like your free Netscape browser,
you're more likely to buy their servers. Heck, here they were using
Netscape Servers till I finally proved they were, ok, better than
Micro$oft ones, but not a patch on Free Apache.

BTW: Does Linus Torvalds get his primary income from Linux-related
activities?? Has he quit his day job? ^_^

> You are quite right when you say it is not an option at present.
> But to my mind, it is the best way for the future, and we should be
> working towards promoting such a future.

It sounds like a lovely future image, but I'd like to be a programmer,
and I'd also like to feed my wife and kid. ^_^

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