[plug] Fwd: [SLUG] Lucky 13 for Linux

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Apr 13 09:50:26 WST 1999

Christian wrote:
> Umm... I only have one car.  I don't have a house (the one I live in is
> not mine to give you).  My woman?  I'm not sure how she'd feel about
> that.  Oh wait... you want some software?  Here... let me make you a
> copy... *5 seconds later*  There you go - enjoy!
> See - sharing software is natural.

So, I borrow an Audio CD, and I duplicate it, or I MP3 it. And that
should be encouraged? The original "author" still has his music, but now
I've got it too!!

Yep! That guy sure is a wonderful musician! Look! I've got copies of all
his music!

Just because it's easy to copy/share doesn't mean it's always right.
Sure, it's materialistic, but paying for a copy is often more
appreciated by the author than a 'you're great' message. Sure,
recognition is good, but it doesn't pay the bills.

There are some situations free is good and free is practical, but until
we reach a point where we don't have to work to get the basics in life
(and I'm not talking Dole Bludging), there's gonna be costs. It's called
barter, but using money as a common currency. I like your music, here's
some money. (The musician goes down the Pub: I like your grog, here's
some money. ^_^)

> Quite honestly, I don't know why people who don't care about Free
> software use Linux.  Sure, it's often an excellent choice in many
> situations - but often there are even better options.  If you don't care
> about moral issue *AT ALL*, why not use FreeBSD?  or Solaris?  or...
> (that's a rhetorical question btw - I don't want to start a huge
> argument :)

Ok, I won't then. ^_^;;
. o O (But, Linux is damn good! And it's not Micro$oft! And it's free!)

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