Tamara Phillips azure at southwest.com.au
Mon Apr 19 15:42:21 WST 1999

Hello, KDE developers, fans, and users:

You may have heard that KDE is looking for a new slogan to replace
"Where do you want to go tomorrow?".  Well, over the past week or so I
have culled together a number of slogans from various sources, including
the fruitful "Where do you want to go tomorrow" thread on the KDE
general mailing list, on behalf of the KDE PR team.

Now is time to put the contestants to the vote.   Right now there are a
fair number of them, so the vote will occur in two rounds.  Round 1 will
continue until the end of Tuesday (New York time), when I will collate
the results and post again the top few choices for a run-off.  Voting on
the final choice will continue until the end of Thursday (New York
time), which should give us enough time to work it into the KDE-1.1.1

Please do NOT post your votes to this mailing list -- instead, please
send your votes to pour at kde.org.  We need to have all votes go to the
same mailng address to eliminate duplicate voters; also this cuts down
on maling list traffic and blind voting gets the best turnout.  Each
voter gets 10 votes -- allocate them among the candidates as you wish.
Write-in votes are permitted, but they will not extend the deadline.  If
you have a good write-in candidate, please post it to the mailing lists
as well.

Please vote!  The future is in your hands!  <-- not a candidate, but
many like it are :-)

SO, here they are (note that any of these may be prefaced with "KDE" or
not prefaced with KDE, we can decide this in the runoff vote):

The choice of a free generation
The power to do your best
KDE - Color outside the lines
The power of many
The desktop of choice
Do what you want to do
Think free, be free -- use KDE
The choice is yours
The future of computing today
KDE - not just OpenSource[TM], but OpenMinded[TM]
KDE - making the future of computing available today
Go where you want
The Future...today!
Get your work done with KDE
Experience the future now
The future is now
The future of now
KDE - your bridge to the future
What would you like to do now?
KDE - the choice of a GUI generation
Everything is possible
KDE - no limits
KDE - no limits but yours
Think Free, Act Free, Be Free; KDE
KDE - Making UNIX Desktop Capable
KDE - The Next Generation Desktop
KDE - The #1 UNIX Desktop
KDE - why pay for the best?
KDE - always improving
KDE - always evolving
KDE - free software for free people
KDE - it is about choice
KDE - the user centred desktop
KDE - UNIX conquers the deskop
KDE - the UNIX desktop redefined
KDE - the choice of the U generation
KDE - Putting a friendly face on Linux


Andreas Pour

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